Friday, April 27, 2012

We are hoping Sarah has a virus. That is not a sentence I ever thought I'd think, let alone say. Sarah is sick. She was not able to keep anything down all day, not even pedialyte. She is sleeping relatively peacefully now, and I am taking advantage of her sleep and her feeding tube to sneak in a few milliliters of pedialyte at a time. There is a nasty virus going around. A lot of Sarah's cousins, Aunts and Uncles have gotten sick. We are hoping that is what Sarah has. We are hoping because the alternative is worse. When we last talked to her Neurosurgeon we set up the neurosurgery to happen before the cleft palate repair and before her fingers are separated. This surgery had to be first because it can not wait. The surgery has to be done before the pressure on her brain reaches a point where it can cause damage. According to the images, we were not at that point but we were close enough to stop waiting and schedule the surgery. We were told to watch for neurological symptoms, which would be unexpected but not out of the realm of possibility. Watch for unexplained vomiting and lethargy. We called the neurosurgeon, in case he wanted us to come in early. He said if she gets worse, not better go to the ER. We called her pediatrician, who (assuming it is a virus) wanted us to keep her hydrated. Switch to Pedialyte, since she cannot keep the milk down. So, here I sit at 2:30 a.m. hoping that my daughter has a virus while a give her a "sip" of pedialyte every ten minutes or so. She has been keeping it down since 10 p.m., when she fell asleep and I started giving tiny sips instead of giving 1 1/2 oz every two hours. Josh will take his shift soon. Please pray that this is a virus and that she heals quickly. Also, I am hoping that we do not have to postpone surgery. Obviously, she has to be healthy to get surgery, but this surgery is on a timeline to protect her. We are calm, if tired. And we are confident, as ever, that God is taking care of our Sarah.

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