Thursday, May 10, 2012

home and back again

Sarah's surgery went well. She was home earlier than expected, on Tuesday. She looks beautiful if you can look past some angry bruises. Unfortunately, Sarah got an unrelated infection. We took her to her oediatrician this morning. She called our neurosurgery team, and between all of us we decided to play it safe. So we are at the hospital again. IV antibiotics for 24 hours, and then we'll reassess. None of us have gotten even close to enough sleep in recent days. Sarah has been miserable. I will try to use the hospital computer tomorrow. I am using my kindle. Tedious typing. A real update soon. For now, we are optimistic but exhausted. We trust that God knows what He is doing, and maybe one day we will be clued in. Josh has kept us centered in prayer. Joyful feels disingenuous, but we are faithfully calm.

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