Sunday, August 12, 2012

I would love to pretend that I have been so busy that I have not had time to write.  It is not true.  It has been a delightful summer thus far.

We did take that vacation that I was concerned we would have to cancel.  It was shortened, but only by a few days.  We spent a few wonderful days in the mountains in New Hampshire and a few wonderful days on Cape Cod.  Sarah loved the damp, cool, mountain air.  Lily loved "Aunt Louise's beach" because "it has better water than the other beach."  Lily does not like big waves.  We caught newts, splashed in a spring, picked flowers, read books, rode on a ferry, hunted for beautiful seashells, went to an aquarium, rode on a carousel, ate well and slept in almost every day.  I should figure out how to add pictures.

And at home we have survived DC heat as well as anyone else.  Our air conditioner works well and we have access to a pool.  We cannot complain.  Sarah does not like the heat.  Lily does not like to be cooped up inside.  Sympathetic plights both.  I do the best I can to accommodate them.

Lily turned four.  (!!)  She is such a cool kid.  In honor of her birthday, which I missed in blog, a few Lilyism:

Stopping at a red light
Lily: Why did you stop?
Mom: There is a red light.
Lily: No it isn't.  I can't see it.
Mom: Just because you cannot see something does not mean it isn't there.
Lily: Yes it does.  Of it does.
Mom:  Are you a philosopher?
Lily: No.  You are.
Mom: Are you a sophist?
Lily: No.  You are.
Mom: I cannot be both!
Lily: You are.  And a Kangaroo like me.

Driving on the toll road, under large platforms suspended from long poles.  (Scanners, I think, looking for your EZ Pass.)  "Mom, where are the giants who play on those big swings?"

On late night cookies:
Lily: Can I have some cookies?
Mom:  No, it is past bedtime.
Lily: Argh, Matey! But I am a pirate!  And pirates have cookies past bedtime!  Argh!

I walked into the living room to discover my daughter staring in apparent wonder out the window.
Mom:  What are you looking at?
Lily:  I am just looking at the world.
A beautiful quiet moment passes.  Then,
Lily: I wonder what is going on out there.  Can you turn on the news so we can find out?
Obedience and curiosity.  A brief moment of news-watching, then,
Lily: Oh.  Well now I know.  Can you switch it to Dora?
I was played!

Amusing child.  I do not lose all the arguments.  Honest.

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