Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I always tell myself I will update when things have settled down.

SVT update: Sarah has been stable on her new medication. Yay!!

But things have not settled down. Sometimes they don't.

Last week, my sweet Rebecca caught a cold. She is still a baby, but a strong, healthy, nine month old baby. The cold barely slowed her down. It was enough to make me move her back into our bedroom at night, so we can monitor more closely, but otherwise normal life.

Sarah had a sleep study Wednesday night last week. She failed, but that is not the story. That just means she still needs her vent at night, which is not a surprise. The story behind with Miss Sarah and her father trekking home Thursday morning. That was the morning of snow. They made it safely in to our home town, but got stuck outside our neighborhood. Our street was not plowed.  Thank God for good neighbors.

I was home with a sick baby and Lily. Josh was one block away, but with Sarah and ask her emergency supplies. The car was stuck. One block was to far too walk. Our Godsend of a neighbor literally ran through the snow with shovel in hand to rescue my family. They were eventually able to flag a plow and between them, they got home safely.

We enjoyed the snow day as much as anyone else, and more than many.  The whole family slept in.

But Friday Josh had to work. And Sarah got sick. Thankfully, Sarah's nurse was able to come.  Two sick kids and one very well, unless cabin fever can be considered an illness.  Poor Lily was going crazy.  Friday morning was rough but by the evening, things were reasonably settled.

We watched the cold carefully over the weekend.  Becca was not better, but not worse either. Sarah got better on Saturday, but then progressively worse all weekend. Monday we made an appointment with our pediatrician for both kids.  Monday, I got mastitis. (Treatment: nurse, antibiotic, limit stress.)

 We were still able to treat all the symptoms, but since things were getting worse and poor Becca had been cheerfully fighting this cold for over a week, we figured we needed a doctor.  The appointment was on Tuesday. Rebecca made it to her appointment, but on Tuesday morning Sarah woke up still worse. We could not take her off her vent.  She needed oxygen. She was working hard to breathe.  We took Sarah to the DR, and they transferred us almost immediately to Children's in D.C..  So, here we are. Two kids sick. Both diagnosed with RSV and double ear infections.

Today is Wednesday.  Sarah looks awesome, but she is actually worse than yesterday. She is getting the sport she needs to breathe easily, and so she is happy.  I have no idea how long we will be here. I hope this awful virus had peaked and tomorrow will be better. Tomorrow will tell.

Josh is home with the ends (Becca and Lily). Lily has school and so they cannot come stay in D.C.with us.

At the moment, my biggest concern is for Rebecca.  My tiny love is refusing the bottle. If we do not keep her hydrated, we will soon have two kids in two hospitals. Becca needs to drink.  If she does not very soon, I will leave Sarah in the hospital, and come home to nurse Becca.  RSV is awful. Please, pray with us that she can beat this at home.

Lily is Lily and seems well. She is wound tight, as she always is when we are all apart as a family.

We need prayers. For health. For home. For sanity. For sunshine.

The good news is, Sarah is remarkably cheerful. I am feeling better. And we have made our decision about school next year. We will absolutely be homeschooling.

When Josh and I got married we borrowed a line from Anne of Green Gables for our favors. We made tiny jars of jams and jellies and attached the verse, "God loves preserves and saves us."

I am contemplating a better punctuated version of the verse tonight.


  1. oh my goodness! So much going on. I will be praying for you guys!

    1. Always- that is parenting! Thank you! Hope sweet B is doing well. I just popped over to your page and enjoyed all those gorgeous pictures again.

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