Monday, March 21, 2016

Cultivated Power

She reaches up to break through
the frozen barricade. 

Finding the sun. Finding the air. Finding a way. 
Up and out. 

Metal and muscle stashed away for the time. Impotent. Waiting. Waiting.

But she with forceful struggle uncurls. Unfurling tiny, sweet, tender, tendrils.


Breaking through she lifts her face to the sun and unveils.

Warmth and light
Revealing. Revelling. 
Undeniable. Unfathomably lovely. 

A beacon of hope. Life. Creativity. Ingenuity. 

And exquisite frailty. 

Exultation. Proud and powerful. Jubilant. 
Shouting for joy.

Winter wants another round. 
Weighting. Weighting. 

Shaping her gift: an icy stole. 
Hard. Harsh. Heavy.

She shrugs. She bends. She bows. 

She dances, adorned with sparkling crystals. 
Underestimated beauty. 

Fragile. Frail. Unbroken. 

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