Monday, August 29, 2011

My next scheduled visit with the delivering doctor was not until September 8th.  I was having contraction this weekend.  I am pretty sure the baby has dropped.  In any event, her head is not in my rib cage anymore.  For the first time in awhile, my breathing is not constricted.  Her movement seems normal.  If anything, she is moving more than she was.  I called the doctor to fill him in on the changes, and he wants to see me tomorrow (he is a fantastic doctor!).  So, tomorrow I will be at the doctor's office, bright and early in the morning.  I guess tomorrow we find out if the delivery date is going to be moved or not.  We are far enough along that Sarah could come any day.  That is not the worry.  The worry is that if I go into labor before the scheduled date, it becomes an emergency C-section, not the planned and scheduled one we had hoped for.  That matters because we want all of Sarah's doctors available for whatever she needs.  When we scheduled originally, my doctor coordinated with a whole slew of doctors from Children's.  We will know more tomorrow!

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