Thursday, September 1, 2011

rolling with the changes

We rescheduled. Sarah CKatherine will be born on September 7, unless she chooses to come sooner.  I suppose it is about time that we pick a consonant. None of us, the doctor, my mother, myself, believes that she will wait over two weeks for the previously scheduled birth on the fourteenth.  Some have worried that we changed the date because of worries about Sarah's health.  Nothing has changed on that front; we still do not know exactly what to expect.  We still hope and pray that when she is born she will not need immediate surgery and will be allowed to stay with me, and not whisked off to Children's.

I had looked up the fourteenth. Apparently, it is the feast of the Exultation of the Cross, which is a feast day that is not only celebrated by both Catholics and Orthodox, but in fact it is celebrated on the same day. That is pretty cool, although I do not understand how our old calendar friends can share a feast day. It is a different calendar! Maybe I just did not read enough. The feast day is not, anymore, relevant to the birth of my daughter.

So what about the seventh? Apparently a whole slew of saints, but none that I know, share the day.
(St. Cloud, St. Regina, St. Grimonia, St. Eustace, St. Alcmund, St. Anastasius the Fuller, St. Augustalus, St. Tilbert, St. Carissima, St. Clodoald, St. Diuma, St. Eupsychius, St. Eustace, St. Evortius, St. Gratus, St. Faciolus, St. Hilduard, Bl. John Duckett, Bl. John Maid, St. John of Lodi, St. John of Nicomedia, Bl. Louis Maki, St. Madalberta, St. Marek Krizin, Bl. Ralph Corby, St. Memorius, St. Pamphilus.  Yes, my hippie friends, apparently there is a St. Cloud.)  

Lord, prepare us! 

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